Dados vol. 39 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro 1996

Os Leviatãs Estão Fora de Lugar

Rezende, Flávio da Cunha


The article discusses the main features of brazilian process of economic reform. Compared to other countries engaged in similar experiences, Brazil is a late economic reformer and is introducing mild changes at a very slow and tentative pace. The author sustains that the moderate rhytm as well as the nature of economic transformation are explained by dominant economic ideas about State/market relations during transition from authoritarianism to democracy and by the particular features of new democratic political institutions still in the making. The first section contains a brief description of economic conditions prevailing in the last 15 years and of governments' policies to tackle mounting economic desarray. The second discusses how dominant ideas about previous economic development and about State's role shaped the diagnosis of the crisis of the eighties as well as the policies to confront it. It also shows how the previous consensus about the model of growth begins to collapse, bringing the economic reforms to the political agenda. Third section discusses how the new political institutions by making the decision process more decentralized, conflictive and complex account for very moderate reform pace.

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Os Leviatãs Estão Fora de Lugar