Dados vol. 38 n. 3 Rio de Janeiro 1995

Partidos Políticos na Câmara dos Deputados: 1989-1994

Limongi, Fernando; Figueiredo, Argelina Cheibub


This study is one of the first attempts to measure participation by the Brazilian population in the elections during the country's Imperial Period. Based on 1880 voter registration lists from the city of São Paulo, the author calculates both the proportion of voters vis-à-vis total population and their socio-economic characteristics, including age, income, occupation, literacy, and place of residence. This model study makes a comparison between São Paulo's more wealthy urban parishes and the poorer rural ones and identifies significant differences in the respective voting populations. Recalling earlier work done on late 19th-century voter and National Guard lists from the States of Minas Gerais and Paraná, the author shows that São Paulo had comparable rates of voter activity, all of which suggests significant participation by poor working class males in the electoral process.

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Partidos Políticos na Câmara dos Deputados: 1989-1994