Dados vol. 38 n. 3 Rio de Janeiro 1995

Corporativismo, Pluralismo e Conflito Distributivo no Brasil

Reis, Bruno P. W.


This article begins with a conceptual discussion of "corporatism" and "pluralism", seeking to show that the literature' s frequent attempt to reduce them to polar, opposing principles leads to serious simplification and impeding an adequate understanding of the problems inherent to construction of political institutions aimed at publicly processing the intermediation of conflicting private interests. The article's second part remarks on the Brazilian case, concentrating on the problem of accelerated inflation and its relations to the precarious institutionalization of distributive conflicts in the country. The article supports the conclusion that the institutionalization of democracy in Brazil involves the task of constructing an "adequate" kind of corporatism for the country, rather than simply eliminating the precarious existing corporatist institutions.

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Corporativismo, Pluralismo e Conflito Distributivo no Brasil