Dados vol. 37 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro 1994

Entre Subintegração e Sobreintegração: A Cidadania Inexistente

Neves, Marcelo


The article addresses the problem of the nonexistence of citizenship within a context of relations of "under-integration" and "over-integration" within social systems, especially within the juristic-political system. The author begins by delimiting the concept of citizenship in semantic terms and analyzing the evolution of its meaning. From that basis, he then characterizes the conquest and expansion of citizenship. The second part of the article deals with the disjunction between constitutional declarations regarding citizenship rights and the insufficient juristic-political realization of these rights within Brazil. This problem is tied in to relations of "under-integration" and "over-integration'' within the juristic-constitutional system ("under-citizenship" versus "over-citizenship"). The author analyzes this question using the concept of de-juristicization in the process of constitutional realization, wherein he emphasizes the lack of autonomy and identity within the realm of jurisprudence. He also links the problem to the predominantly political-symbolic role of constitutional declarations concerning fundamental rights. In conclusion, he associates the problem with the weakness of the state and the lack of public space for legality

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Entre Subintegração e Sobreintegração: A Cidadania Inexistente