Dados vol. 35 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro 1992

A América. Intelectuais, Interpretações e Identidades

Domingues, José Maurício


The article focuses on interpretations and identities regarding Iberian-colonized America. At the center of the discussion lies the role of this continent's intellectuals in the process of constructing American identities. The selection of traits used in this process and the continent's relation to the West are examined. Special attention is given to these intellectual's constant idealization of America's real process of Westernization. At the same time, an effort is made to reveal the growing esteem for our specific characteristics that becomes apparent in the quest to better understand these traits. The article's purpose is to provide a theoretical interpretation of the process and to include Brazil in this dimension of construction of American civilization.

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A América. Intelectuais, Interpretações e Identidades