Dados vol. 33 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro 1990

Para uma Análise Institucional do Socialismo de Estado

Stark, David; Nee, Victor


Twenty years of experience with economic reforms in Hungary and a decade of experimentation with reforms in China provide a critical mass of evidence for analyzing the problems endemic to centrally planned economies and the dilemmas faced in efforts to transform them. This paper surveys recent theories of state socialism and argues that the paradigms of totalitarianism and modernization theory are being replaced by a new perspective that changes the focus from ideology and technology to economic institutions and social groups. Whereas the earlier state-centered political sociology of socialist societies was preoccupied with party-state elites, research findings from the new perspective point to the relative autonomy of society as the activities of subordinate social groups place limits on the power of state elites. In reflecting on the Chinese and East European experiences, the paper traces a shift from conceptions of reform as a mix of planning and markets within the state sector to a mix of public and private ownership forms.

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Para uma Análise Institucional do Socialismo de Estado