Dados vol. 27 n. 3 Rio de Janeiro 1984

Previdência Versus Assistência na Política Social Brasileira

Teixeira, Sonia Maria Fleury


The author examines the connections between the health care and welfare assistance programs in Brazil, aiming to identify the positions which emerged during the recent debate over health care crisis. ln attempting to illustrate the situation of the welfare programs which were developed within the health care system, the author points to the use of at least three implicit sets of criteria - of an institutional, legal and accountancy character - for analyzing the same object in different ways. Through the historical examination of the social welfare system undertaken in the second section of the article, the author seeks out the characteristics and determinants of the policy's evolution at each particular juncture, while indicating the contradictions which have accumulated during the lifetime of the institution. The third part of the article identifies the main obstacles resulting from this dynamic, which persist until today in the relationship between the welfare assistance and heath care programs. The varying classes of citizenship that coexist inside the health care system are analyzed, together with the system's inability to meet social needs in an impartial and socially just manner. Also examined are the deficiencies in proposals for institutional reform, which do not succeed in formulating a comprehensive strategy for social policy.

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Previdência Versus Assistência na Política Social Brasileira