Dados vol. 26 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 1983

O Papel dos Empresários no Processo de Transição: o Caso Brasileiro

Cardoso, Fernando Henrique


The author focuses the role of industrial entrepreneurs in the recent process of political liberalization in Brazil, seeking to understand the reorientation of their political behavior both in terms of their interests and their conceptions as to which kind of society would be most conducive to economic growth and political harmony among social classes. It begins by reviewing the existing literature on the role of the national bourgeoisie and its rapports with society and State, indicating how and to what extent the entrepreneurial class isolated itself politically or broke off, at least partially, with the military and authoritarian bureaucratic regime. Next, the author describes the ways in which entrepreneurs sought to rebuild a system of alliances from the Geisel period to the Figueiredo government. ln conclusion, the author points out that even if the entrepreneurial groups have been rearranging in a different form their relations with other social and political forces which exist in the country, they are still faced with the problem of trying to overcome the organic crisis of the State by means of new forms of bourgeois hegemony.

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O Papel dos Empresários no Processo de Transição: o Caso Brasileiro