Dados vol. 25 n. 3 Rio de Janeiro 1982

Elites Agrárias, State-Building e Autoritarismo

Reis, Elisa Maria Pereira


The central theme of this paper is the role of landed elites in the historical process of national state building. The theme is initially approached from a theoretical angle, discussing Barrington Moore's ideas concerning the rural world's role in the consolidation of a liberal-bourgeois path to modernity. Two new analytic dimensions are presented next in order to make Moore's model more fruitful. The second part of the paper is devoted to a brief reinterpretation of the Brazilian historical process from the abolition of slavery to the 1930 Revolution based on the theoretical propositions discussed earlier. Finally, the paper presents a comparative historical analysis indicating parallels and contrasts between the national experiences of Brazil and Germany. Comparative analysis is seen as a necessary means for the theoretical understanding of single national processes as well as for the development of theory building.

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Elites Agrárias, State-Building e Autoritarismo