Dados vol. 25 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 1982

Universidade: Aberta para Reformas

Oliveira, João Batista A. e


Certains aspects of the question of university autonomy have a more enduring character which stem from the notion that the university is an institution different from other entities of higher learning. As an institution, the university defines itself by reference to a set of values that stress autonomy in the conduct of teaching, research, and administration. Apart from the institutional context, it is also the case that control over the operation of other types of educational entities is organizationally distinct from what is found at the university. Self-management, peer control, and a series of external mechanisms for quality control are the principal means proposed to mediate the relations between public bureaucracy and the exercise of academic life. Regarding the governmental apparatus, the author indicates the need for a drastic revision of its goals, modes of operation, and incumbent selection inasmuch as traditional bureaucratic mechanisms have been shown to be inadequate to implement measures designed to increase quality. Furthermore, the university's administrative profile demands little in the way of the traditional efficiency skills associated with the managerial and bureaucratic worlds. In conclusion, the author suggests an agenda for a in depth evaluation of the issue of university autonomy, stressing the impossibility of dealing with administration issues independently of the roles assigned to research and teaching.

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Universidade: Aberta para Reformas