Dados vol. 23 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro 1980

Ideologia, Socialização Política e Dominação

Machado, Mario Brockmann


The article seeks to formulate a theory of political socialization based on the concepts of ideology, domination, and legitimacy. The first part discusses the theory and its basic concepts, concluding that the successful reproduction of domination requires, among other conditions, ideological legitimacy, which in tum requires the successful reproduction of the political ideology of dominant actors through the process of political socialization. Other conditions exist both at the "superstructural" and the economic level. Next, the proce5s of socialization in closed and · open political systems is analysed, stressing the pr9Cess of political socialization in bourgeois democracies (e.g., the United States) and in authoritarian capitalist regimes (as is the case of Brazil).

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Ideologia, Socialização Política e Dominação