Dados vol. 23 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 1980

O Grifo é Nosso: Academia, Democracia e Dependência

Reis, Fábio Wanderley


The article deals with the problem of autonomy and dependence in the field of political science. First, the dimensions of the concept of autonomy are discussed, as they relate to science in general, and more specifically to the social sciences. The different levels in which the question of autonomy can emerge are discussed - such as the autonomy of the individual scientist and of the scientific activity as a profession. These questions are in turn related to the problem of the production of science within a national framework as well as to the issues steeming from the relationships between the personal identity of the scientist and his participation in different collective identities. The conclusion is that dependence in the field of science as such, including the social and political sciences, is a false problem. The important question are the constraints imposed by international socio-economic dependence upon the specific conditions for high quality scientific production in dependent countries. Some of these constraints are then examined as they affect some of the characteristics of the "underdeveloped" political science. The political consequences of this problem are also discussed.

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O Grifo é Nosso: Academia, Democracia e Dependência