Dados n. 17 Rio de Janeiro 1978

Relações "Econômicas" Internacionais no Brasil: Notas para uma Agenda de Políticas de Pesquisa

Malan, Pedro Sampaio


This paper presents a preliminary outline for an agenda for future research policies in the area of Brazilian international "economic" relations. The author contends that the topic must be viewed from a historical perspective as regards both the Brazilian experience and the postwar changes in international economic and political conditions. The first section of the paper offers an interpretation of Brazil's progressive integration in the international economy with the constraints it imposed on substantive domestic choices. Steering away from economic determinisms, the second section discusses the political economics enderlying the current controversy over the so-called New International Economic Order. A presentation of the prevailing outlooks in both the advanced and the peripheral countries follows, with particular emphasis on the assymmetrical perspectives and peculiar positions found among the major peripheral countries, including Brazil. The paper underscores the urgent need to enlarge the community of individuals and institutions engaged in critical studies on the subject of international relations. The author bemoans the Jack of a tradition of systematic analysis in that area in Brazil, particulary in view of the trends that seem to be in store for the near future. The last section summarizes the issues considered vital to an agenda for future research on Brazilian international economic relations.

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Relações "Econômicas" Internacionais no Brasil: Notas para uma Agenda de Políticas de Pesquisa