Dados n. 15 Rio de Janeiro 1977

Origens da Industrialização no Rio de Janeiro

Pignaton, Alvaro Afonso G.


The paper analyzes the early stages of the industrialization process as it unfolded in the region which today constitutes the State of Rio de Janeiro. The first part discusses the rise and fall of the mercantile-slaveholding-coffee economy, during the 19th century, with an emphasis on those aspects which led to the emergence of a manufacturing sector ln that same period. The second part analyzes the major manufacturing booms which began in 1808, as well as the causes of this region's rise to leadership ln Brazil's industrialization process at its inception in this same section, the author points out the limitations imposed on the emerging industrial sector by a system based on slavery. The last part of the study offers a detailed discussion of the main reasons for Rio de Janeiro's loss of preeminence to São Paulo, early ln the 20th century. The author contends that this downfall was due mostly to the region's economic atrophy, as a result of the intensity and duration of slavery, particularly as reflected by a decline in the agricultural sector.

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Origens da Industrialização no Rio de Janeiro